On Hand
  When asked if he had a smoke, the other man replied, “Um... no, sorry I don't have any cigarettes on hand.”To have something on hand means to have something at that place and time for a particular purpose. Usually, if you need something small, like a bandaid, tissue, lighter, etc., you can ask somebo新竹房屋dy if they have it on hand.
  ——Heat外接式硬碟her Pfeiffer
  當有人問隨身碟你有煙嗎的時候,另一個男人回答道,“嗯……沒有,不好意思我身邊沒有香煙。”To have something on hand 的意思是在某個當下的地點和時間身邊恰好有符合有服務於某種需求的事物。通常,如果你需要一些小的事物,例如創可貼、紙巾、打火機等等,你可以問某人身邊是否攜帶了這些東西。  (原標題:百萬市民學英語)


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